Verge (XVG) is Over $0.20, But Is This Cryptocurrency Still a Good Investment?

At $0.207, Verge (XVG) has finally regained its lost ground and surpassed the 20-cent mark again. In the past 24 hours, this Bitcoin (BTC) alternative has climbed 14.4% higher. That brings the entire currency’s market value to roughly $3.0 billion. At the time of writing, it is the 21st most valuable cryptocurrency on the market globally.


XVG has seen some spectacular growth lately. In the past week, its price has only risen by 29%. The last month, on the other hand, has driven this coin’s price nearly 2,500% higher!

On top of that, Verge is having one of the best days of the top 25 most valuable coins. Compared to its competitors, it’s one of the handful of coins that is in the green today.

But does Verge (XVG) Really Have the Potential to Hit 30 or 40 Cents?

This cryptocurrency has been a rising star in the altcoin universe. It has been called the “next” Cardano (ADA) or Ripple (XRP). What do these coins all have in common?

They are all robust alternatives to Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH). As Bitcoin (BTC) has become more and more popular, more and more new coins have been launched to challenge it. Moreover, BTC has put forward a lot of challenges in recent years. These challenges and limitations have caused new developers to build fresh currencies that work better than the head honcho.

Verge (XVG) is one of those coins. We all know by now that BTC transactions aren’t completely anonymous. The public ledger is being tracked constantly. There isn’t 100% privacy involved, and that has ticked a lot of crypto fans off. Meanwhile, XVG is totally anonymous. It uses multiple anonymity systems to make each transaction untraceable. No particular address can even be linked to a single transaction.

Moreover, Verge is much faster than Bitcoin. If you have traded BTC recently, you know just how long those transactions can take. They seem like they take forever. But XVG transactions are verified in under five seconds, usually.

While there are a ton of altcoins that offer similar speeds and privacy features that Verge does, this one is certainly a contender.

Do you think it will really be the next Ripple (XRP)?



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