Populous (PPT): You Can Earn Passive Income with this Crypto Investment

Populous (PPT) is one of those cryptocurrency-based platforms that has a high chance of success in the real world: there’s a huge addressable market and the coins are integral to the functioning of the system. This coin is one of the top gainers on the crypto market today, especially for currencies with a market capitalization higher than $1.0 billion.

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So, what is this coin about and why are investors so excited about it today?

What is the Populous coin about, anyway?

This digital currency is the coin that users need to buy in order to invest in an unpaid invoice on the Populous (PPT) platform – a marketplace for exchanging invoices.

Not a lot of people know about this industry, but when invoices out in the world go unpaid, people can sell them for quick liquidity. There are freelancers and contractors out there with clients who haven’t paid them, and a ton of investors that are willing to take those accounts receivable off their hands – for a discount.

populous, populous coin, populous (ppt), invoice

The current invoice marketplace industry is controlled by centralized middlemen institutions that charge over-the-top fees. This platform will get rid of all of that – connecting buyers directly with sellers.

Here’s the passive income part: holding Populous coins means that you are investing in invoices, and you get paid in PPT for holding your coins as such.

The full-blown platform is almost here

Last week, the Populous coin team launched the first version of this platform’s beta release:

Then, today (which is just a week later) the second version of the beta release came out:

Yes, they are both beta versions – so that means they aren’t really live yet. You can just go online and play with the system to see how invoices are bid on and traded, etc.

With the second version, they fixed some stuff:

  • Broken icon images — missing icons (error_msg, functionality, correctness, no response, unexpected response) is now in working and proper use.
  • Selection of transaction start date has been corrected. Users are now able to select the start date of a previous transaction prior to today’s date to view past transaction history.
  • Invoice market activity — the word ‘End’ has now been changed to ‘Due’ so that users can relate to invoice due dates and not end of auction dates.
  • Close Menu — the close ‘X’ has been changed to match font and style from corner to corner on each page.
  • Search features -magnifying glass tool has been added by each ‘search’ bar to signify the options. The search box suggestion options are now in consistency with each other.
  • Blank screens — previously when clicking on ‘Exchanger’ and ‘Available 10001.00’ a blank screen would appear, this has now been rectified.

 … and a few other things. They are clearly listening to what their users had to say about the first version and enhancing it.

When will the final product come out? We have no idea. We expect in the next month or two.

When that does finally happen, you can expect the price of PPT to be much higher than it is now – as people start to realize how passive income can be earned and discounted invoice profits can be made.

Disclaimer: This article should not be taken as, and is not intended to provide, investment advice. Please conduct your own thorough research before investing in any cryptocurrency.


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