NAV Coin (NAV), the Rising Bitcoin Threat, is Dropping Big News on Monday

NAV Coin (NAV) has already made some impressive gains today, and it’s probably in anticipation of an article about its new blockchain platform – called Valence. It has been formally teasing about the project since last month, when NavCoin put out its 2018 Road Map.

At the time of writing, NAV is trading at $1.85 – a 20.45% boost from its 24-hour-ago price.

So, what is it about this article tomorrow that has investors so excited?

What is NavCoin’s Valence platform?

This is a new blockchain platform that will enable users to launch their own smart contracts and blockchain applications – much like what a lot of other cryptocurrencies are trying to offer these days, to be honest.

On the very first article they posted on their site describing exactly what Valence is, they described it like this:

“With Valence, you don’t need to put all of your app onto the blockchain. It’s more about putting the important parts on the blockchain then having the platform provide safe and tested ways to interact with the blockchain and smart contracts.

Our goal here is to increase the ways blockchain and smart contracts can be applied to real life use cases, making all the benefits that blockchain technology can offer easily accessible to application developers, businesses, and their clients. 

You can build whatever you want, however you want, and Valence will offer a range of tools that provide extended functionality to your application – crowdfunding mechanisms, user data management, privacy methods, and much more.”

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The NAV coin may be in the iOS App Store Soon

Also in their 2018 Road Map announcement, the NAV Coin’s team cleared up what’s going on with its launch on the Apple app store for iOS devices. The NavPay App was denied entry onto the app marketplace last year, due to “technical issues.”

Now, however, they have fixed the problems and resubmitted the NavPay App to be added to the iOS app store, saying that they are discussing with apple the possibility of getting it whitelisted.

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“There are already quite a few digital currencies approved for iOS, so we are hopeful that this will be a speedy and relatively easy process, but we are unfortunately still at the mercy of the App Store until this approval is secured,” they added.

With NavPay in everyone’s app store who has an iPhone, that will certainly make NavCoin more accessible to the average cryptocurrency buyer out there – so that would boost exposure even more for this up-and-coming altcoin.

Disclaimer: This article should not be taken as, and is not intended to provide, investment advice. Please conduct your own thorough research before investing in any cryptocurrency.

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