Monetha (MTH): Every Merchant Site Will Want this BUY NOW Button

You know, there sure are a lot of altcoins on the global cryptocurrency market these days – with new coins popping up every day. Sometimes they have a bold, innovative new concept that addresses a problem we never knew we had. And sometimes a coin comes along that offers pretty much the same thing that a lot of existing coins are trying to achieve. E-commerce, for example, is flooded with cryptocurrency projects that are all making big promises. The Monetha coin is one of them – but this e-commerce platform has the potential to be the one that comes out on top.

What is the Monetha coin?

This cryptocurrency is only about five months old. When it had its ICO, it raised a staggering $37 million in just 18 minutes. So why are investors so excited about this the Monetha coin?

It might be because two of this crypto coin’s founders were named in the Forbes “30 Under 30” list for Europe. But, in reality, the product is pretty exciting.

Monetha (MTH) is a really simple type of exchange platform where people can reliably buy and sell products instantly. It is built on top of the Ethereum (ETH) blockchain, and all transaction details are published on a public ledger – while some private information is hashed, with only authorized users getting access.

How is Monetha (MTH) different from other e-commerce coins?

This platform is all about merchant reputation and trust. It creates a decentralized solution where merchants can have verifiable trustworthiness. On top of that, they can transfer their good client reviews from other sites like Alibaba and Amazon. This system is also open to every merchant in every part of the world.

In addition, this system has a one-step payment process that is immediate – and a one-time flat transaction fee.

monetha (mth) monetha coin

But perhaps what is one of the best features it will offer is a BUY NOW button that is instant for the customer. It is also super easy to install, all you do is copy and paste the HTML code that Monetha (MTH) provides you.

You can test out the system now

The platform isn’t live, but – much like Populous (PPT) – there is a version online that you can test out. It’s not online, though – so don’t put any actual coins into it!

This organization has certainly been putting their $37 million to good use, because people on Twitter already say that it’s easy to use and “great.” At the moment, the test version looks like this:

monetha coin monetha (mth)

What do you think? Wouldn’t you, as a customer, like to use a one-touch botton to make instant purchases from reliable merchants?

Disclaimer: This article should not be taken as, and is not intended to provide, investment advice. Please conduct your own thorough research before investing in any cryptocurrency.

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