Lisk (LSK) Making a Comeback After Today’s Price Dip

The cryptocurrency market overall is having a pretty terrible day, with the top 18 most valuable coins in the red for the past 24 hours of trading. Lisk (LSK) is no exception to the sector-wide slump, and has fallen by 11.2 percent in the past day – now sitting at $20.69.

But apart from today’s unfortunate descent, Lisk (LSK) has had a pretty impressive rally in the past few weeks – and an incredible growth story if you look back at the past year of trading performance. Just this summer, it was trading below $1.50.

In the past seven days, this popular altcoin’s price has jumped 109 percent higher. In the past 30-day stretch, on the other hand, it’s value has grown by 143 percent.

What kind of cryptocurrency is Lisk (LSK)?

In May of 2016, this coin was forked from another cryptocurrency called Crypti. Lisk is a pretty standard digital coin: it functions as a peer-to-peer exchange of value, a store of value, and it is also a decentralized application (dApp) development platform.

On top of that, this particular coin is known for being very fast – ten seconds from account to account, and transactions cannot be altered after about two minutes. If you don’t already know, that is a much faster rate than most other cryptocurrencies on the market these days.

Lisk is also getting ready for a total rebranding, but its Chief Executive Officer just announced that it would be delayed slightly – possibly presenting a lucrative opening to buy now before the rebrand jumpstarts its price.

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