Learn about TRON (TRX), the Crypto Platform Set to Decentralize the Entertainment Industry

TRON (TRX) and its cryptocurrency Tronix are both very exciting. Well, it is if you want to disrupt the greedy, insanely profitable entertainment industry.

It’s founding organization is the Tron Foundation, a Singapore-based non-profit. Tronix is actually the native currency of TRON – a decentralized, peer-to-peer entertainment network. It’s a platform where users can share and sell content directly to consumers. Forget about unnecessary middlemen like Amazon Video and the iTunes Store.

TRON is totally open and decentralized. The general goal is to put the power back into the hands of artists and consumers. The goal is to take it from the pockets of massive corporations like Apple and Google.

And this cryptocurrency is absolutely skyrocketing in value right now. Just in the past 24 hours, Tronix has seen its price jump 61% higher. It’s trading 108% higher than it was a week ago.

Its weekly performance is better than both Verge (XVG) and Ripple (XRP).


Looking back a month, as seen above, TRON’s cryptocurrency has exploded by nearly 3,500%!

Is TRON (TRX) a good investment compared to other cryptocurrency options?

As far as vision for a project goes, I think everyone can rally around what this platform is trying to achieve. The TRON network embodies what cryptocurrency is really about. It’s all about taking control away from the hyper-wealthy institutions (big banks, entertainment conglomerates, etc.) and empowering the individual.

The solid idea behind this platform is certainly strong enough to bolster its native token, Tronix. This is already a very popular cryptocurrency. It’s also trading absurdly high.

If you’re a more cautious investor, it may be wise to wait a bit and see if the price of TRX pulls back. Its upward trajectory is certainly impressive, but whether it’s sustainable has yet to be seen.

Disclaimer: This article should not be taken as, and is not intended to provide, investment advice. Please conduct your own thorough research before investing in any cryptocurrency.


  1. It needs to be said that the TRON whitepaper was hobbled together from other papers. Most of the content was outright stolen. This non-technology based on other people’s work without a clear plan on why the central and powerful content owners would ever want to decentralize their goods (and thus deteriarate their profits) is the kind of thing you’re going to be reporting about as a “bubble” in a few years, when in fact the savvy investor did not invest in vaporware. Tron is the embodiment of this.

    Look at NEO, ICON, Stellar, EOS, and ETH. Those have real devs, real documentation, real products. Tron has partnership deals before a real product. Not the same thing, not even close.


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