Invest in Dent (DENT) Coin before Next Month’s Android Launch

The Dent (DENT) coin is making a big splash today. This Ethereum-based cryptocurrency has been an up-and-comer for months now, but today it is getting the added attention of having added 27% to its price in the past 24 hours. In fact, it’s the top gainer for the day, according to CoinMarketCap.

Why is the DENT coin price up today?

Why the sudden surge, you ask? It’s undoubtedly because a bombshell announcement just hit the interwebs: Dent will be added to the OkEx exchange. If you didn’t know, OkEx is a pretty active trading platform, ranking among the world’s most popular:


Today’s boost in price is certainly a welcome breath of fresh air for those who have been holding onto this coin. That’s because these investors have had a rough go of it. This currency shot up from around $0.02 to $0.11 in the first week of January, then quickly plummeted back down before gradually slipping down to 3 cents – until yesterday.

There’s more on the horizon for Dent (DENT)

This blockchain-based cellular data exchanging platform released an iPhone version of its trading app last month. We have known for a while that an Android version would be coming in Q1 – but we now have confirmation that it will be by the end of the month.

dent (dent) coin dent coin price android

Why is it a big deal that Android phone owners can soon use this app? That is a huge untapped market for Dent – I’ll let them explain:

“Adding the Android app after launching the iOS app in December 2017 is the key scaling factor of the DENT business. As our goal is to provide the easiest way to buy and remit data, we need to target the market with the most prepaid phones: The developing world with billions of prepaid users. As Android is 90%+ on those markets, the upcoming version is key for scaling.”

The Android app will only mean more growth

When this app becomes fully functional in the prepaid user market – this coin is most likely going to soar in value, especially after all the buzz it’s getting on the crypto media circuit.

Like Siacoin (SC) users can rent out their unused digital storage, the Android users of this program will soon be able to take advantage of unused data.

On top of that, Dent is working on a system where you can earn data while you sit and watch advertisements. After watching a Walmart commercial, for example, you get an SMS notifying you that your wallet has been credited.

Check out the roadmap on their site to see what other cool features will be coming up.

Disclaimer: This article should not be taken as, and is not intended to provide, investment advice. Please conduct your own thorough research before investing in any cryptocurrency.

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  1. One of the founder’s of DENT founded the software company Dovecot. Although, typically unheard of in the digital asset space Dent has Official Partnerships with Aquto,Datami and U20pia Mobile all of whom have connectivity contracts with telcom providers around the globe! AT&T & Verizon both have contracts with DENT as well.

    They also have a fully functioning,LIVE “Product” in the Dent IOS App allowing people to share,trade and monetize mobile data. Their IOS App between USA & Mexico has been so popular among users, its received requests via Movistar & Telcel Mexico for pre-paid SMS cards with higher amounts of data to accommodate users watching videos on their phone.

    They’ve also inked a deal with Air Tel India exposing them to over 275 Million users!!! 275 Million Users!!

    I recently did some research on mobile data prices and access in Africa. I learned data prices and fees for cross boarder usage are extremely high. I also witnessed a professional,African soccer player MVP rewarded with cell phone data. That’s just how scarce,expensive and valuable mobile data is in many parts of the world.

    DENT will be releasing their android app in the next month or so.

    DENT has an experienced,diligent,development team, real use case,business model,business partners and a fully functional Apple App Store app on the market currently being used.

    They’ve recently opened centers in Singapore and have connectivity contracts in place in Brazil,India,Africa,USA,Mid East and Mexico.

    The FACT they have Contracts with Telco Companies can not be over stated.

    This is all too rare in the majority of the digital asset space and a breath of fresh air. Rather than focus on hype,they’ve let their live,working app do the talking.

    I’ve downloaded and used the app. It’s quick and easy enough for a squirrel to use!

    This product is extremely useful to a majority of the world population and I wholeheartedly believe in DENT not to be confused with a dental blockchain product called “dentacoin”

  2. I just cannot understand how some of these airy fairy cryptocurrencies are valued in the dollars with all talk but dent with an excellent useful worldwide working product is 3 cents.

  3. Just paid 0.03277 for another 10,000/dent.Now up to 26,000.l keep tipping in while the price remains around 3 cents.As Jonny said this coin is exposured to a huge market, billions of people and if it gets a foothold won’t disappear if this cryptocurrency phenomenon did.

  4. Pay the user for watching add’s peer to peer will disrupt search engine advertising as well as the Telco industry.

    The upscaling of the DENT active market base with the release of the DENT Android version of the Mobile data P2P Swap, Sell, Buy mobile data APP on Feb 26th 2018 and then the live mode expansion to all markets outside of the USA and Mexico , plus the cost benefits to users on IOS and Android will be a major first mover coup for the whole crypto / blockchain industry as a working example of but one application of the disruptive power the blockchain and associated crypto will bring.

    A big kick in the teeth to media who like when the internet first arrived constantly print bad editorials on crypto paid for by those industry with the most to lose, everything from Banks, Wire Transfer Services, Telcos, ISP, Cloud Computing Services, Review Sites, Air BnB, Government Licencing Centers, Review Sites, Ebay, Amazon, Youtube, Gaming Platforms, Music and Video sites, Real Estate Business, Stock Market Trading to Search Engine Advertising and much more. The effect of the Blockchain (Cryptocurrency) is going to be profound.

    These business will be forced to vastly lower what they charge in order to compete with P2P blockchain or they will lose the business they have.

    Cryptocurrency is a transition from the old economy to the new, a move like this is going to look like a bubble on a chart if you read that chart according to the legacy economy, but but ask yourself “If the wealth of the old economy flowed to a new economy, would it look like a false flag bubble, the like of which the world has never seen”, don’t believe they fake media FUD, the wealth is transitioning from financial system of monopolistic trusted third party gatekeepers to s democratised economy where the things valuable about you like big data belong to you.

    Watch every TED TALK you can on Blockchain, Crypto, Bitcoin it is profound block chain will be the new internet 4.0.


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