Introducing Game Stars (GST): Cybersports for the Blockchain Era

game stars (gst), token sale, cyberathletes, cybersports

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The cybersports sector is growing, and it’s growing very quickly. The market as a whole is expected to reach as high as $906 million this year, which would be a whopping 38% boost from 2017. But, much like with any rapidly-expanding industry, cybersports is affected by some unique challenges that cyberathletes must confront in order to advance their professional careers. It is in this environment that sparked the concept of Game Stars, a new multifunctional gaming platform based on blockchain technology that is poised to disrupt the entire cyberathlete ecosystem – and its token pre-sale just kicked off a few days ago.

What is Game Stars (GST)?

Game Stars (GST) is an upcoming blockchain-based cybersports network, tailored specifically to the industry-specific issues that impact the careers of modern-day cyberathletes. So, what kind of issues are affecting cyberathletes?

This is what Game Stars (GST) says about that: “For instance, many cyberathletes have faced the problem of non-payment of prize money by tournament organizers, as well as the lack of a transparent and well-structured system of relations between the team and the player, the tournament organizer and the team, the sponsor and the player/team.”

game stars (gst), token sale, cyberathletes, cybersports

This platform is meant to resolve this situation and will offer cyberathletes a chance to get investment for their professional advancement – mostly through multi-level tournaments. They can even set up their own tournaments. The platform will also enable teams to develop their own players, locate new players to add to the team, and attract sponsors and advertisers.

On top of that, it also allows investors to be able to earn revenue from the investments they put toward particular cyberathletes or teams – and they can easily find the perfect team, player, or event that aligns the best with their brand. All of this is safeguarded from fraudulent activities, thanks to the unalterable blockchain technology.

The Game Stars Pre-Sale is Now Live

As of May 3, 2018, the pre-sale for Game Stars Tokens (GST) has been live – and investors are already beginning to contribute. At the moment, the token sale is including a 50% bonus. This is a super discounted rate and should speed up how quickly the sale advances to the hard cap – which is $7.5 million.

So, why is the token expected to appreciate in value? Well, just like any other cryptocurrency that’s attached to a platform, the token is necessary to interact with the network – so it will likely go up in price as more cyberathletes, team managers, sponsors and advertisers start using the technology.

Game Stars has some pretty high potential to attract users from the constantly-growing eSports sector, thanks to the fact that it provides:

  • End-to-end infrastructure for cybersports
  • Enables cyberathletes to better advance their careers through access to sponsorship – they can also sell their GST tokens
  • Sponsors can select an earn revenue on successful cyberathlete picks
  • The token value is expected to rise

GST may end up being the dark horse in your investment portfolio that you will benefit from when no one is expecting. Participate in Game Stars Token Sale at the official website while it’s not too late. Subscribe to their accounts on Facebook, Telegram, and Telegram chat to get the latest news – if you’re interested in the project.

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