FuturoCoin (FTO): A New Cryptocurrency for Entering the Blockchain World with Ease

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The cryptocurrency sector, and blockchain technology in general, is bombarding our modern way of life more and more with each passing day. Whether you are a newcomer in this industry, or you’ve already become a professional crypto trader, it is easier to invest in digital currencies than you think. You don’t need to fork over thousands of dollars for a single Bitcoin (BTC) – which not that many people have sufficient money for just lying around. Instead, novice crypto investors can take their investable dollars and put them into a completely new (but promising) cryptocurrency that is expected to gain in value over time. FuturoCoin (FTO) may be one of these currencies.

FuturoCoin was first introduced to the blockchain world back in January 2018. This digital currency is part of a peer-to-peer electronic cash system that provides users with instant transactions. This coin is already listed on exchanges like YoBit, Coindeal and Piyasa – with the daily trading volume for FTO tokens having already hit a whopping $255k.

So, what do we know about FuturoCoin (FTO)?

Unlike the vast majority of altcoins on the market right now, which have gone the bland route of launching on the Ethereum (ETH) network, FuturoCoin is based on the already existing code of the DASH cryptocurrency – one of the Top 15 currencies on CoinMarketCap. As a result of that choice, FuturoCoin has access to the benefits and upgrades of the DASH network.

Here are what we have narrowed down as the 3 main benefits of the FuturoCoin (FTO):

Instant payments

First, we have to mention the super-fast payments that the FuturoCoin (FTO) network can process. The FTO team has built an extended version of DASH, but there is a key difference – FuturoCoin transactions are made essentially instantly, because they only take about four seconds to be completed. With the DASH network, on the other hand, the confirmation can delay for as many as 15 minutes. On top of that, FTO users can have as many as 10 inputs or outputs within a single transaction with a fixed fee.

Two-Tiered Network

This blockchain network makes use of masternodes as part of its inner workings. Masternodes are responsible for confirming instant payments, governance of the blockchain protocol, as well as the low and fixed transaction fee. When one compares this system to that of DASH, where masternodes are hit with an extra fee for completing transactions instantly, FuturoCoin makes sure that instant confirmation is standard on all transactions – not just for premium-price members of the network.

Transaction Fees

Every transaction that’s made on the FuturoCoin (FTO) network are instant, like we mentioned above – but they also have a fixed fee. DASH, on the other hand, offers different fees that vary depending on the currency exchange rate and the type of transaction being executed (instant transactions cost more). Moreover, FuturoCoin doesn’t charge its users any more based on the number of coins being sent. You can send coins to up to 10 recipients in just one transaction – and the fee will remain the same.

FuturoCoin (FTO) as an investment option

It’s crucial to be able to distinguish a real coin – that has potential as a solid investment – from a scam coin. One of the main approaches that the FuturoCoin (FTO) team has taken is to maintain transparency and openness for all of its users. The code is publicly available and you can go take a look at it right now. The project is legit and boasts an advanced security system that protects the platform from any sort of malicious attacks.

Much like its name suggests, FuturoCoin (FTO) can easily become the next big payment coin of the future. It can be beneficial to both businessowners and average, everyday investors who want to get the hang of the crypto market. High-volume traders and entrepreneurs can join the FuturoCoin network and potentially start generating boosted income as the coin broadens its use. Cryptocurrencies can be purchased as a financial tool for putting money into high-potential projects – and that’s also true for FuturoCoin. In the meantime, ordinary people can use it as a simple payment coin to complete transactions without having to spend much of their valuable time.

For more information about FuturoCoin please visit the official website.

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