Is EOS On Its Way Above $10.00?

After trading closer to the $8.00 mark yesterday, EOS has made some impressive gains in the past 24 hours – currently up 13.3 percent and selling for $9.37 a piece. Earlier today, its price was inching closer and closer to $10.00 threshold, but barely grazed $9.93.

For anyone who has bought into this cryptocurrency, the $10.00 resistance level is becoming a bit frustrating. Just a week ago, EOS was trading at $12.44 (according to – and we are keeping our eyes peeled for another rally this week.

As you can see above, Thursday was a rough day for EOS, but that was true for pretty much the entire crypto-sector. Most coins across the whole market saw a dip late last week, but – luckily – most of them have made a recovery and prices are on the upswing again.

How does EOS Stack Up Against Other Cryptocurrency Picks?

Even though it is trading about 25 percent lower than it was a week ago, EOS has had a pretty stellar year. In the past month, this digital currency’s value has ballooned 267 percent higher – that’s a solid boost for just 30 days.

Just in October, this crypto-coin was trading in the 50-to-60-cent range – a tiny fraction of where it’s trading today.

At the moment, EOS is the 11th-highest valued cryptocurrency on the market. At $9.37 a pop, its market capitalization is currently $5.28 billion. Just ahead, in 10th place, is Monero (XMR) with $5.67 billion.

Clearly, it has only taken EOS a couple of months to get this close to the top ten – a great sign for more growth to come. This coin is climbing the ranks and making a name for itself, quickly becoming one of the most profitable altcoin opportunities.

Disclaimer: This article should not be taken as, and is not intended to provide, investment advice. Please conduct your own thorough research before investing in any cryptocurrency.

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