Dentacoin (DCN): The Altcoin Investors Actually Believe in During a Dip

Cryptocurrency investors are still reeling after the horrid miniature market crash that started happening yesterday. Suddenly, yet again, coins across the board were posting double-digit losses in their 24-hour price movements. It was an all too familiar feeling for a lot of hodlers out there. Thankfully, the market has picked back up a bit and things are starting to look brighter. A few coins are achieving some pretty impressive gains today – and Dentacoin (DCN) is one of the currencies leading the pack.

At the time of writing, DCN is trading at $0.00116 – an 11.28% boost from its price a day ago. People are clearly getting on board with this coin’s concept:

Meanwhile, the top 15 most valuable coins are all in the red. So, what is Dentacoin – one of today’s survivors – all about?

Blockchain technology in the dentist’s chair

This is one of those cryptocurrency projects that could actually do people around the world some good, and improve global dental health over the long term.

You might assume that Dentacoin (DCN) would be to the dental industry what Medibloc (MED) is to the medical sector. That’s not really the case – this coin is all about making regular, preventative dental care an affordable reality for everyone.

How does Dentacoin (DCN) work?

It is a pretty standard ERC20 token – it is the coin that makes the platform work. In the platform, which is only a partially-launched product and shy of the fully achieved vision, there will be a lot of features:

  • A review platform
  • Dental insurance
  • An aftercare mobile app
  • A trading platform
  • A healthcare database

The coin isn’t really meant to be traded for value earning, it is just a working piece of the global dental ecosystem that encourages the betterment of the dental health sector. It’s more about cutting out the giant corporate middlemen than anything – putting the link directly between dentists and patients.

When will the Dentacoin (DCN) app launch?

Here’s one thing about this venture – the roadmap is pretty spread out and major milestones won’t be hit for a year or two. The review platform is launching this quarter, but it won’t be for two more quarters that something else happens. Check out their roadmap from here:

dentacoin (DCN) altcoin investor cryptocurrency

It should be noted that they have a roadmap that goes several decades into the future within their whitepaper.

But there are already dental offices accepting this coin, and their user base is growing every week.

They have a good team that puts out weekly updates. They are super transparent and seem to care a lot about the end goal of this project as opposed to getting rich, like we can smell when we look at some other cryptocurrency teams.

Disclaimer: This article should not be taken as, and is not intended to provide, investment advice. Please conduct your own thorough research before investing in any cryptocurrency.


  1. Nice article. One correction: the review platform is already live, ahead of schedule. See
    Also, their app (Dentacare) is already available in the Google play store.
    This is a great project with real life adoption happening quickly. Last week 3 dental clinics in NY city started accepting DCN, to name one of their latest achievements!


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