Crypto Scam Cringe: Stock Photo of Ryan Gosling as ICO Team Member

After the grueling process of filming and promoting Blade Runner 2049, it looks like Hollywood superstar and Academy Award-nominated actor Ryan Gosling is taking some time to work on a more humble project: being the graphic designer of a severely sketchy-looking cryptocurrency company.

Ryan’s new gig

I guess the flashy, ooh-la-la lifestyle of being an A-list actor just got boring for him.

So, where is Ryan Gosling working at these days? He’s making beautiful graphics for a new blockchain-based venture called Miroskii. Sounds high-tech, right?

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Or, in a more likely scenario, this initial coin offering (ICO) is bogus.

Shout-out to this Reddit user and this other Reddit user for pointing this out.

Watch out for crypto scams, you guys

There are a lot of common-sense ways to stay aware of scams in the cryptocurrency world.

Sure, this is sort of funny – but there are (if you can believe it) crypto investors who wouldn’t immediately recognize Mr. Gosling’s face if they were scrolling through this ICO’s website. Ryan’s photo wasn’t the only stock image used, either. A quick reverse Google image search made that very evident.

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I guess there were other clues – like how there aren’t any job titles listed next to any of the names, just descriptions of their wildly successful professional careers.

In general, just keep an eye out for non-professional looking design jobs on websites (maybe Ryan Gosling needs to be fired from this project) and generic, non-specific texts that don’t really say anything about what the project does.

Just see how many typos you can count in this company’s description of itself:

“Miroskii Coin is developed and brought to business by the experts from China, Hongkong, Singapore and Japan to ease the crypto revolution in financial products. It is developed under its own highly secure encrypted decentralized blockchain technology. Miroskii coin is been tested, approved and accepted by most of the industry giants who has already started using the MRC (Miroskii Coin) in their closed B2B sector…”

How much time do you guys think it took one person to set this site up – and the corresponding fake wallet where they’ll receive all their scammed coins?

I’m sure you’re all thinking what I’m thinking right now: Ryan, how could you let this happen?

Disclaimer: This article should not be taken as, and is not intended to provide, investment advice. Please conduct your own thorough research before investing in any cryptocurrency.


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