Civic (CVC): We Might All Verify our Identities with this System Someday

Civic (CVC) is leading the market’s price gainers today, according to CryptoMarketCap. The Civic coin is currently trading at $0.534 – that’s a 51% boost from its price 24 hours ago. This cryptocurrency still isn’t very widely known, as it has only recently appeared in the top 100 most valuable coins list.

So, what is this digital asset all about?

The Civic coin centers on identity verification

This platform and cryptocurrency is all part of an overall identity management solution that gives its users total control over their identity. So, whenever you need to prove your identity (with a bank, with a government office, when applying for a travel visa, etc.) you can just easily use this platform – rather than have to prove who you are from the ground up each time.

So, if you verify your identification data with the Civic (CVC) system, and have an active CIVIC ID, then you can instantly verify your ID securely with whatever institutions accept this type of verification.

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They have a really clear explainer video on their website about how users interact with the system and manage their identification data.

You can already sign up for Civic (CVC) and start using it

Unlike a lot of up-and-coming altcoins, this cryptocurrency actually already has a product in use. People can go and sign up for this solution and start verifying their identification and managing their ID data.

civic (cvc), cvc, civic coin, identity verification

It just launched its beta less than two weeks ago, so now companies can take use it for their know your customer needs – meaning how they verify the IDs of their users or customers.

In fact, some organizations are already embracing the Civic (CVC) login portal:

This one too:

With two organizations in about ten days signing up for this platform, this coin is off to a steady start in terms of enabling mass adoption. It is a really useful solution that could make ID verification super easy and accessible to anyone, saving us all time and protecting our identities at the same time.

Would you guys sign up for something like this?

Disclaimer: This article should not be taken as, and is not intended to provide, investment advice. Please conduct your own thorough research before investing in any cryptocurrency.


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