Buy Ripple (XRP) Now Before You Miss Out on the Action

Ripple (XRP) has been blowing away cryptocurrency observers with its stunning growth recently. In the past 24 hours alone, this altcoin has gained nearly 45 percent. When looking back into the past 30 days, it’s soared by more than 350 percent!

At the time of writing on Thursday, December 21, Ripple (XRP) is trading at $1.11 – according to For comparison, the cryptocurrency was trading below 25 cents on the first day of December.

For weeks, and months in some cases, cryptocurrency enthusiasts and blockchain experts have been calling Ripple (XRP) the next big hit – the next massive growth story that investors should get in on before this massive rally ends. A lot of us who haven’t acquired any XRP coins are left wondering: did I miss the boat?

Can I still make a profit on Ripple (XRP) at this point?

There’s no way to tell where this crypto-coin’s price trend is heading next, but there is certainly high potential for further growth – if the past month of Ripple’s trading history is any indication.

The buzz and public attention around Ripple (XRP) is continuing to build, and that will certainly keep having a positive effect on the coin’s price – at least in the very near term. CNN, for example, just called it one of the top cryptocurrencies in an article this week.

It’s best to capitalize on this momentum while it’s still chugging along, especially if you are the type of investor that is prone to get that feeling of “missing out.”

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