Binance Showdown: Dent (DENT) and WePower (WPR) in the Lead

Beginning just a few hours ago, a pretty exciting competition kicked off – a vote to see which rising altcoin will score a fresh listing on Binance. The vote began today and runs through Sunday, February 25, and there are two very clear frontrunners at the moment: the DENT coin and the WePower coin.

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This is the sixth monthly vote like this that the exchange has held. Getting listed on Binance is a game-changing moment in any cryptocurrency’s story. It is, after all, the largest exchange worldwide.

Who is in the running to get listed on Binance?

In order to cast a vote, you must login to Binance and spend 0.1 Binance Coin (BNB) to select which altcoin they would like to be added to the exchange. Each user can only vote once. There are twelve altcoins up for the grand prize – getting listed on Binance. Here is the total list combined with how many votes each coin has:

binance, binance coin (bnb), dent (dent), dent coin, wepower (wpr), wepower coin

As you can see, there are some up-and-coming “rising star” altcoins like SIRIN LABS Token (SRN) and Revain (R) – as well as coins that have been strong contenders for a while, like Siacoin (SC). With just two coins holding about 45% of all votes, it looks like some of the lesser-known competitors don’t have much of a shot.

For the time being, we can expect that WePower (WPR) or Dent (DENT) will go home with the gold on Sunday when this vote closes.

The WePower coin has 24% of the vote

With nearly a quarter of the total votes so far, this coin is currently in the lead to join the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange – but that’s not super surprising. WePower (WPR) is a pretty cool crypto venture – it was even named as one of the ten most innovative energy companies in the world by Fast Company.

This blockchain-based platform enables green energy producers to raise money by issuing out energy tokens. It’s also cleared by a European regulator as meeting legal requirements.

In 2nd place is the Dent (DENT) coin

The Dent coin has gotten a lot of positive media attention lately – and it has also consistently had some impressive growth in recent weeks.

This cryptocurrency allows users to trade their cellular data with other people all over the world using blockchain technology. It is a secondhand mobile data market – you can sell the data you don’t use and monetize it efficiently. It has some great potential in the developing world, and people are already using the app.

So, which coin do you guys think will win on Sunday?

Disclaimer: This article should not be taken as, and is not intended to provide, investment advice. Please conduct your own thorough research before investing in any cryptocurrency.


  1. My personal favorite on that vote is Zilliqa as I think it’s a project that supports the entire crypto infrastructure and movement much more than niche projects like Dent and WePower.

  2. One of the founder’s of DENT founded the software company Dovecot. This software company survived the dotcom bubble and still exists to this very day!
    Although, typically unheard of in the digital asset space, Dent has Official Partnerships with Aquto,Datami and U20pia Mobile all of whom have connectivity contracts with telcom providers around the globe! AT&T & Verizon both have contracts with DENT as well.

    They also have a fully functioning, “LIVE” Product in the Dent IOS App allowing people to share,trade and monetize mobile data. Their IOS App between USA & Mexico has been so popular among users, its received requests via Movistar & Telcel Mexico for pre-paid SMS cards with higher amounts of data to accommodate users watching videos on their phones.

    They’ve also inked a deal with Air Tel India exposing them to over 275 Million users!!! 275 Million Users!!

    I recently did some research on mobile data prices and access in Africa. I learned data prices and fees for cross boarder usage are extremely high. I also witnessed a professional,African soccer player MVP rewarded with cell phone data. That’s just how scarce,expensive and valuable mobile data is in many parts of the world.

    DENT will be releasing their android app on Feb 26th. from The Moblie World Congress in Madrid.

    DENT has an experienced,diligent,development team, an actual real world use in addition to Official Business partners and a fully functional Apple App Store app on the market currently being used.

    They’ve recently opened centers in Singapore and have connectivity contracts in place in Brazil,India,Africa,USA,Mid East and Mexico.

    The FACT they have Contracts with Telco Companies can not be over stated.

    This is all too rare in the majority of the digital asset space and a breath of fresh air. Rather than focus on hype,they’ve let their live,working app do the talking.

    I’ve downloaded and used the app. It’s quick and easy enough for a squirrel to use!

    Thus far the DENT Team has met every point on their well detailed road map.

    This product is extremely useful to a majority of the world population and I wholeheartedly believe in DENT not to be confused with a dental blockchain product called “dentacoin”

    This is one of those products that will revolutionize the mobile data sphere and I can’t believe it is still flying way under the radar!

    It would be great if the DENT Community showed some serious resolve and Voted to have this listed on Binance.

    The DENT Team has held up their end of the deal and need a boost from those invested and who believe in this project!


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